Run Sizes & Prices

  • Cattery Layout

Inside the cattery

  • Daily Prices 2024

    All prices are per day including VAT.  Payment is via bank transfer

Cabin type
Standard (yellow) 1 cat £23.40 2 cats £34.20
Small Suite (lime green) Up to 2 cats £37.20 
Family Run (pink) Up to 3 cats £39.60 
4 cats £42.00
Large Suite (turquoise) Up to 2 cats £41.40 3 or 4 cats £43.20
FAB Suite (lilac blue) Up to 5 cats £45.00
Pinewood Suite (orange) Up to 6 cats £48.00

Family Run post

  • Minimum booking fees

      • 4 day fee for any booking
        Rising to
      • 5 days over any part of a weekend in April, May, June + October
      • 6 day fee over any part of a weekend during July, August and September
      • 7 days over the Easter Weekend, please note we are closed for Good Friday up to and including Easter Monday
      • Christmas and New Year – 10 day minimum.
    Please note that whilst we will try and remind you of the minimum fees when you book we cannot guarantee doing so.

A standard size run

  • Deposits

    A deposit of 25% of your booking total (a minimum of £25 for short bookings) is required to confirm your booking.
  • Cancellations​

    • Cancelling with over 2 weeks’ notice, your deposit will be retained as your cancellation fee.
    • If you cancel with less than 2 weeks’ notice, you will be charged in full – any days we may be able to re-let, will be deducted from this.

2 Cat Suite

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