Inside the Cattery

  • Dropping off


    We provide everything that is necessary for your cats stay with us – litter trays, litter, food and water bowls

    We are very happy for you to bring along your cats own items from home too

    When you arrive, we will take you down to the run where your cat will be staying.  Once inside, you can let them out of their carrier to inspect their new surroundings.  Don’t be worried if they do not come out immediately – some take a while to decide its ‘safe’ enough to venture.  Please remember to try and remain calm, your cat can pick up on your emotions and may become distressed.

    We will check that your cat knows where the cat flap is, if they are not used to using one, we will prop it open for them

Visitors from the main house

  • After your cat has settled in

    We will go back to reception to make sure all of the below details are up to date

    1. Ensure that our veterinary authorisation form is up to date in case your cat is sick when staying with us. It is essential that you mention any previous illnesses, especially things such as cat flu, eye infections, cystitis, prone to upset tummies and blood in faeces. This means that we can be extra vigilant and also may avoid an unnecessary trip to the vets.

    2. Confirm when your cat had its last flea and worm treatment and what brand you use.

    3. Check your emergency contact details.

    4. Check we have the correct feeding regime on file.

    5. Confirm your collection date and time.

  • Food

    We try to keep the feeding regime as similar as to being at home as possible.  We have a range of wet and dry food that we supply (we will send you a list of all that we stock).  But as there are so many brands, you may need to provide the food for the duration of the stay.  Dry food will need to be in an airtight container please.

    You are also welcome to bring any treats, we give them when we are doing their ‘clean’ and on the last tray round before bed.

  • Finally we hope your cat has a good holiday with us and wants to come again.

    You are welcome to email for an update to see how your cats is doing, we usually say it’s best to leave it a few days before checking in.  As it can take a few days for them to settle in and realise that they are in a safe and caring environment.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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