About us

Welcome to Pinewood Cattery

Pinewood Cattery was established in 2001, being built and run to the Feline Advisory Bureau’s (now called International Cat Care) high standards.  It is set in three acres of land backing on to a golf course, surrounded by pine trees and rhododendrons.  We are conveniently located less than 10 minutes from M25 junction 11 and 15 minutes from the A3 junctions at Cobham and Ripley.

Checklist prior to arrival

  • Vaccination in the last 12 months

    Proof will be required

  • Neutered if over 6 months old

  • Any health issues disclosed

    Cats showing signs of ill health on arrival will be refused admission pending advice from the vet

  • Flea and worm treated

We ensure we work to the highest standards set by International Cat Care. We are also very proud of our environmental health inspection which was awarded the highest score of 5 stars!

We spend time getting to know your cat as well as possible, and in turn for them to get to know and trust us. They receive plenty of attention which we tailor to their individual needs in order to make their stay as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

Frequently asked questions

We have 40 runs in total –

27 standard runs that can house 1 or 2 cats – from the same home only.

13 larger runs/suites that have multi-level cat trees, the largest can accommodate up to 5 cats – from the same house if you have that many!

There is plenty to keep you furry friend entertained!

There is a shelf on the inside area behind a window, so the cats can be warm while watching the world go by. There are also 2 different heights of shelf on the outer part of the run to give more options of places to perch

All boarders get plenty of attention which includes fussing, playing, or just a lap for your cat to curl up on!

We’re so sorry but unfortunately we cannot board diabetic cats

We try to groom all of our boarders every day (on their terms of course)

All runs have their own thermostat-controlled heat lamps for the cats to snuggle up under

We encourage clients to bring any beds, blankets and toys from home.  This means the cat(s) have familiar items and smells to help settle them in to a ‘strange/new place’.

The cattery has safety passages and 600mm ‘sneeze-gaps’ between units

We do NOT board dogs, so the cattery is a lot quieter

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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