Information about your cat ~


Only cats with a current vaccination certificate against cat flu and feline enteritis can be boarded. If your vaccinations have lapsed please call us for advice.  

You must also leave two weeks before boarding your cat after any vaccination booster. Kittens can board 4 weeks after their second round of vaccinaitons. 

Health issues

Cats showing signs of ill health on arrival will be refused admission pending advice from the vet. This is essential to protect the health of all cats staying with us.

All cats boarding are covered by our veterinary insurance policy. We are able to board cats with on-going medical conditions (providing that they are not contagious). There is a small charge for administering medication and any necessary vet's trips in these cases.

All cats must be neutered or spayed if over the age of eight months.

Fleas and worms

We treat this very seriously, so your cat MUST be up to date on treatments. If your cat does not meet our requirements for this we reserve the right to treat your cat with a veterinary product and you will be charged for this.

Flea treatments should be done monthly and wormers generally 3 – 6 monthly.  We advise clients to use veterinary recomended products.  Often ‘off the shelf’ type supermarket treatments are NOT sufficient for boarding at the cattery as they may not be effective.

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