About the Cattery

  • Our dedicated team look after the cats every day to ensure continuity of care. This means we get to know your cat and are quick to spot any problems.
  • We give the cats plenty of individual attention if they want it. Games, tickles, grooming, treats and cuddles are all on the menu!
  • Vanda has been trained by the FAB in cattery management and has a distinction in feline psychology.
  • We do not board dogs or allow them in the cattery because of the stress factor to many cats.
  • The cattery is monitored by CCTV.
  • Cats have a heated indoor chalet with a covered outdoor run.
  • The cattery has safety passages and 600mm 'sneeze-gaps' between units.
  • Bedding, grooming equipment, toys are provided but you may wish to bring your own as the familiarity and smell may help to settle your cat.


Chloe, Vanda and Sam Vanda and Whizz