About the Cattery

  • We have 27 standard runs that can house 1 or 2 cats.
  • There are 13 various larger runs/suites, all supplied with multi-level cat trees, the largest suite accommodates up to 5 cats. 
  • We would never allow cats from different households to share a run.
  • All runs have their own thermostat-controlled heat lamps for the cats to snuggle up under.
  • There is a shelf on the inside area behind a window, so the cats can be warm while watching the world go by.
  • There are also 2 different heights of shelf on the outer part of the run to give more options of places to perch.
  • Bedding, grooming equipment and toys are provided. We are very happy for you to bring your own items as the smell of home will help to settle your cat(s).
  • We try to groom all of our boarders every day (on their terms of course).
  • All boarders get plenty of attention which includes fussing, playing, or just a lap for your cat to curl up on! 
  • The cattery has safety passages and 600mm 'sneeze-gaps' between units.
  • We no longer board diabetic cats
  • We do not board dogs.
Harry and Freddie, 2 of the cats that live on site Sam and Nora